Fun Facts About the State of Georgia

In this article, we will discuss the state of Georgia and fun facts that shed light on what makes Georgia so great. Georgia is situated in the southeastern section of the United States, right about the state of Florida. In fact, Georgia is the largest state that is east of the great and beautiful Mississippi River.

The state of Georgia began as a British colony in the year of 1733, and it was the last to become one of the famous original Thirteen Colonies. The state was named for King George II of Britain. In the year of 1861, Georgia left the Union, and it became one of the original seven Confederate states. However, in the year 1870, Georgia was restored to the Union, becoming the last American state to do so.

In modern times, Georgia is the 8th most populated state in America. Not only does it act as home to a large number of people, but animals and flora as well. In fact, there are 350 bird species living in the state, as well as over 250 species of trees and protected plants.

There are a number of major cities within Georgia. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, as well as the city that is the most heavily populated. Apart from the capital, there is Columbus in Muscogee County, Augusta in Richmond County, Macon in Bibb County, and Savannah in Chatham County.

There is a variety of fun things to do in Georgia. Georgia is known for having the oldest state park in the United States, known as Indian Springs State Park. This park provides visitors with grounds for camping, as well as an area for swimming and boating. Another location that Georgia is well known for is in Atlanta. This is the Georgia Aquarium. One of the largest aquariums in the entire world, the Georgia Aquarium is home to thousands of animals.

In conclusion, Georgia is an American state with a rich historical background. From beginnings as one of the Thirteen Colonies, to one of the most heavily populated states in America, Georgia has certainly been established as one of the most important states the USA has. For those who have not yet visited Georgia, we recommend stopping by and seeing some of the glorious sights within this state. Whether you choose to visit the Georgia Aquarium, camp in the oldest state park in the country, or learn about its history, from settlement, the American Civil War, and beyond, Georgia will be sure to fascinate and delight you.